Customised subscription jewellery boxes delivered to your door

Frequently Asked Question’s

Q: What is a Gem Box?

A: Gem Box is a subscription service where a box of jewellery is delivered to you every month – something new every time! You can either order it as a monthly subscription – where you will be charged each month when your box is sent out, or as a single payment where you pay for a set amount of months.


Q: What should I expect in my GemBox?

A: There is approximately $75 (or more!) worth of product in every GemBox. At least 2-4 pieces; which could include necklaces, pendants, bracelets, rings, studs, earrings, hairbands, hair ties, floral headpieces, bangles. If you have any suggestions of other items you would like included, feel free to email us at – we would love to hear from you!


Q: I’m not sure what style box I want?

A: Remember to do our style quiz! Just click here and answer a few short questions. Your result will give you a good indication of what GemBox style is right for you. We understand that people are not just one particular style, so we keep things fresh and new every month, and updated with all current trends. If you still aren’t sure – just use our “pick for me please” option, and we will send you our fave pieces for that month.


Q: When can I order a GemBox?

A: Orders can be made at anytime, however the 20th of the month is the cut off to receive the next months GemBox.


Q: I ordered my box a few weeks ago, where is it? 

A: GemBoxes are sent on the first week of each month. For example: If your order is placed on the 7th of June, your GemBox will be sent with our deliveries on the first week of July.

However, we have a cutoff of the 20th of each month. So if your order is placed after the 20th – e.g on the 22nd of June, your GemBox will be sent with our deliveries on the first week of September.
We encourage you to place your order before the 20th so you don’t have to wait. You will never miss out on your GemBoxes, each paid order will still be in our system, however it will just be a month delayed.


Q: When will my Gem Box be sent out?

A: GemBoxes are sent out on the 1st week of every month, and are usually received within 1-2 days for cities, and the North Island, and 3-4 days for rural addresses and the South Island. International deliveries are normally received within 7-9 working days.


Q: What if I don’t like one of the items?

A: Please see our “shipping and returns” page here


Q: I want to try a new box style. Can I switch GemBoxes?

A: You sure can! We totally understand that you would want to experience the other GemBox styles. We are currently recommending as the easiest way to switch your style is to login into your account, cancel your original order, and reorder under the new style.